Forest Protection

The protection unit was formed to prevent, monitor and control encroachments within the project area, such as illegal felling, illegal cultivation, illegal occupation, forest fire and poaching. Patrolling is done by ground patrol, river patrol and aerial surveillance. Illegal felling along the boundaries is still detected in small scale.

Figure 1: Location of Forest Checking Stations (FCS) within Ulu Segama-Malua SFM

Figure 2: Frequency of patrolling activity and poaching activity within Ulu Segama-Malua SFM area in 2018

Figure 3: Frequency of patrolling activity and poaching activity within Ulu Segama-Malua SFM area since 2015

In 2018, a total of about 201 days of ground patrolling (day and night) were carried out throughout the year which include boundary checking at the border of oil palm plantations (Figure 2). The efforts were also jointly collaborated with the Lahad Datu Anti-Poaching Task Force (i.e. Sabah Forestry Department, Yayasan Sabah, Sabah Wildlife Department, Police and Army) and DaMaI Initiative (comprises of Danum Valley, Maliau Basin and Imbak) to combat poaching issues within the project area. A total of 31 poaching signs (motorbike tracks and spotted nonregistered vehicles via direct sighting and/or camera trapping mostly near oil palm boundary at the northern part of Ulu Segama Forest Reserve) were detected. Graph in Figure 3 shows that increase of patrolling frequency in 2018 and an increased detection of poaching activities to 31 cases.

Aerial surveillance was also conducted twice in first and second quarter of the year. From the aerial observation, tree felling (minor) at near compartment 233 and 133, abandoned camp (suspiciously used for gold panning and gaharu harvesting) at compartment 123, 210, 249 and 283, illegal access point at compartment 393, and an abandoned 4x4 vehicle at compartment 270, were detected. Ground inspection were carried out at identified locations and destroyed the illegal logs onsite, abandoned camps and illegal access to the forest. While, the abandoned 4x4 vehicle was seized and brought to District Forestry Office of Lahad Datu for investigation.

River surveillance was carried out mainly at two major rivers i.e. Segama-Bole and Malua, as these were identified as entry hotspot and frequently used by poachers. A total distance of about 812 km and 315 km were covered throughout the year at Segama-Bole River and Malua River respectively. The surveillance observations show no detection of illegal activities or poachers.

An encroachment issues (detected in 2016) by adjacent oil palm plantation at compartment 106, Bukit Piton Forest Reserve has been resolved via court order and taken into actions by destroying about 5.1 ha of oil palm trees in April 2018.

Joint night surveillance with WWF-Malaysia and DaMaI

River surveillance in Sg Malua

River surveillance in Sg Bole  

Ground inspection on the abandoned illegal camp at compartment 210 Abandoned 4x4 vehicle at compartment 270, detected during aerial surveillance.

Boundary inspection at Sapagaya Forest Reserve Boundary inspection at Northern Malua Forest Reserve

The SFD destroying 5.1 ha oil palm that were encroached in Bukit Piton Forest Reserve


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