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The State Government recognizes the vital role of the forests in Ulu Segama-Malua (USM) in maintaining the ecosystems especially that they are increasingly important for fauna and flora conservation. Therefore, the following are the policy statements on significant issues impacting the direction of forest management in USM:

I. Fauna Resources - The SFD and YS will ensure that the conservation of the diversity of wildlife particularly for orang-utans, elephants, Sumatran Rhinos and Tembadaus and the provision of suitable habitats for them and others in USM will be undertaken and managed.
II. Flora Resources - USM serves as an example in promoting the conservation and restoration of native wild flora and therefore, the SFD and YS will continue to manage USM in order to provide habitats that support the diversity of native plant communities and species.
III. Silviculture / Timber Resources - USM will be managed to provide a sustained yield of high quality timber and other wood products. The management of USM will demonstrate and promote forest rehabilitation and silvicultural practices that jointly sustain ecological and economic forest values.
IV. Research - The SFD, YS and other research institutions will continue to be involved in research programs directed toward improving ecosystem management and SFM in USM.
V. Protection – To protect USM SFM project area from fire, illegal felling, encroachment and poaching, and safeguard the forest resources under responsible management; and
VI. Local Employment - The SFD will endeavor to provide job opportunities in particularly to the local communities living adjacent to USM SFM project area.
VII. Certification - Ulu Segama-Malua will be managed under the forest management practices in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Principles & Criteria.

Legal Authority and Period of Operation:

This plan is called the "10-Year Forest Management Plan for USM". It is the intent of this plan that the forest ecosystem or ecological resources and forest services within USM are managed on a sustainable basis for total optimization of economic, social and environmental benefits to the State as well as, to the other stakeholders. The term of this plan will be ten years commencing on 1st January 2018 and concluding on 31st December 2027 and is revised on a 10-year cycle. However, the plan will be regularly reviewed as part of the process of maintaining control in management plan implementation.

Legal Framework and Management Guidelines:
Laws and regulations on forest legislation are the legal instruments, which are necessary in the implementation of the objectives of a forest policy. Forest legislation reflects the principles of sustainability in order to support implementation of forest policy. Management guidelines, on the other hand, provide advice and promote more extensive application of forest management practices. In accordance with the following legal framework and management guidelines:

State Forest Policy, 1954
Cultural Heritage (Conservation) Enactment, 1997
Forest Enactment, 198
Sabah Conservation Strategy, 1992
Forest Rules, 1969
Sabah Biodiversity Enactment, 2000
Environmental Protection Enactment, 2002
Environmental Quality Act, 1985
Environmental Protection Enactment (prescribed Activities), 2005
Malaysia Criteria & Indicator
Park Enactment, 1984
Forest Stewardship Principles
Wildlife Conservation Enactment, 1997
Reduced Impact Logging Guidelines, 1998
Land Ordinance, 1930
Labour Ordinance (Sabah Cap 67)
Water Resources Enactment, 1998
Sabah Foundation Enactment (Sabah No.8, 1966)

Management Objectives

Overall Objective:
The overall objective of forest management in USM is the conservation / management, and utilization of forest resources, while ensuring that the productive capacity of the forests for both goods and services is maintained or enhanced.

Specific Management Objective:
bullet Fauna Resources
bullet Flora Resources
bullet Water Resources and Soil
bullet Ecological / HCVF
bullet Recreation / Ecotourism
bullet Research


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