The HCV definitions under the HCVRN (2013): Sites, resources, habitats and landscapes of global or national cultural, archaeological or historical significance, and/or of critical cultural, ecological, economic or religious/sacred importance for the traditional cultures of local communities or indigenous peoples, identified through engagement with these local communities or indigenous peoples.

Findings on HCV Attribute
An old burial site in Tampadung Cave at Merisuli FR was claimed by the communities from Kg. Opak. These communities has been visiting and cleaning the burial site, occasionally.  The management has addressed this cultural importance accordingly throughout the management period.

Justification of HCV Area

The Tampadung Cave is categorised as HCV 6 that carries cultural value importance for Kg Opak communities (Figure 1). Due to these cultural claims, the management team establish boundary surrounding the burial area and periodically carried out maintenance of the boundary to protect and monitor the important community cultural site.

Potential Threats

Encroachment - Illegally harvesting of timber, clearing of vegetation for agricultural development and wildlife poaching are threats to the ecological well-being of the project area.

Forest Fire - Degraded forest is more susceptible to forest fire during drought. If forest fire occurs, simplification of the forest could have a direct impact to the physical and terrestrial (biological) ecosystem throughout the forest landscape.

Management Implications

Similar as HCV 1 under the pretext of Protected Area, forest protection programme that address the threats of encroachment and forest fire should be implemented. All surveillance records should be placed in the main base office.


  • Perimeter boundary patrol by ground and aerial surveillance executed by monthly basis
  • Monitoring and control at 9 FCS executed at full time basis
  • Dismantling unnecessary road access (case-by-case)
  • Boundary clearance executed at problematic areas (case-by-case)

Figure 1: The location of Tampadung Cave that is categorised as HCV 6, an important area for cultural value for Kg Opak communities in Ulu Segama-Malua Sustainable Forest Management Project area, Sabah

Measurable Effectiveness Indicators

Due to cultural claims in the Tampadung Cave by Kg Opak communities of zone Segama, the management established boundary surrounding the burial. In March 2017, community of Kg Opak, Segama had carried out maintenance of the boundary with the distance about 5500 meter to protect and monitor the importance community cultural site (Figure 2). The surrounding area were also managed and carried out obligatory actions to enforce the Forest Enactment 1968 and Forest Rule 1969 to ensure the security and protection of the reserve as describe in Forest Protection and Forest Fire Monitoring.

Figure 2: Boundary of Tapadong Cave in VJR Merisuli

Maintenance of Tapadong Cave boundary done by Kg Opak community in March 2017