The objective of the project is to bring the land-uses in the connecting landscape and protected areas under a common and integrated management umbrella strategy in order to mainstream biodiversity, ecosystem functions and resilience, while enabling ongoing sustainable uses.

The project will meet this objective by achieving three interconnected outcomes :

Outcome 1 :

An enabling environment for optimized, multiple-use planning, financing, management and protection of forest landscapes.


Outcome 2 :

Demonstration of multiple-use forest landscape planning and management system.


Outcome 3 :

Sustainable financing of protected areas and associated forest landscape areas demonstrated at the pilot site.

Output 1.1 :

New State-level policies and regulations for implementing NNL/NG and incorporating biodiversity and ecological function conservation objectives into the integrated planning and management of forest protected areas and surrounding or connecting landscapes.


Output 2.1 :

Economic model to determine optimal mix of production and conservation land uses to maximize sustainable revenues from, and conservation of, the demonstration landscape.


Output 3.1 :

Environmental economic and financial analyses of actual and potential land use scenarios incorporating estimates of landscape level total economic value, including ecosystem services, conservation and other values.

Output 1.2 :

New state-level policies and regulations for generating and disbursing revenues at landscape level from innovative financing mechanisms.


Output 2.2 :

Landscape-level management plan based on optimal combination of land uses including PAs and sustainable production.


Output 3.2 :

Pilot implementation of revenue generating mechanisms.

Output 1.3 :

Enhanced capacities of staff at institutional levels to design, implement and manage/oversee multiple-use, landscape level forest management and sustainable financing schemes, including enhanced capacities to monitor ecosystem service markets


Output 2.3 :

Pilot, adaptive implementation of landscape-level management plan, including new PA establishment and implementation of sustainable use management system based on sustainable off-take, monitoring and enforcement.


Output 3.3 :

Detailed operating and financial agreements between SFD and private sector and other partners.

Output 1.4 :

Enhanced cost-effective systems for compliance monitoring and enforcement of multiple-use forest regulations.



Output 3.4 :

Financial accounting and monitoring of agreements.

Output 1.5 :

State and national guidelines and operational policies for multiple-use forest landscape planning, management and conservation that build on the lessons learned from work at the target landscapes.



Output 3.5 :

Tested and operational systems for allocation and re-injection of revenues into PAs and landscape level management.



Output 3.6 :

Tested and operational financial systems for benefit-sharing.



Output 3.7 :

Adaptive financial management, including shifting balance of desired uses based on changes in ecosystem markets.