Protection is vital for the security and stability of the forest. Poaching, illegal logging and forest fires are a constant threat. Tangkulap and Sg. Talibu Forest Reserve (FMU 17A) is especially porous in the south where it is bounded by the Millian and Karamuak River and in the north where it shares a common boundary with the oil palm estates. The main logging road that runs through (north to south) of FMU 17A, which is also used by the villagers living along the Millian and Karamuak rivers, makes FMU 17A vulnerable to poaching. (See map)

The boundary of Tangkulap and Sg. Talibu Forest Reserve (FMU 17A), particularly those bordering alienated lands, have been demarcated. Properly demarcated boundaries will facilitate enforcement work.

FMU 17A forest checking station, Tamoi

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