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Sabah Forestry Institute The Forestry Training School of the Sabah Forestry Department was established in 1974 in Sepilok, near the Forest Research Centre.

In 1989, with the inclusion of the Forest Ranger Course, it was upgraded and was named the Sabah Forestry Institute. It is better known as Institut Perhutanan Sabah or IPS. In July 21, 1997, it was relocated to the present campus near the Telupid Forestry District Office in Telupid.

This institute was established to train staff of Forestry Department to ensure proper forest management practices. The institute has been training technical personnel of the Sabah Forestry Department in the field of forestry for the past 30 years.

Since its inception, 944 students have been trained in the Forest Guard and Forest Ranger courses. 


Sabah Forestry Institute or well known as Institut Perhutanan Sabah (IPS) was established in Sabah in 1974. Formerly known as Forestry Training School when it first opened in Sepilok but was upgraded to become the Forestry Institute when the Forest Ranger course was introduced in 1989. Sabah Forestry Institute new campus in Telupid was officially opened in 1994 and IPS has relocated to its new campus in July 21st, 1997.

This institute was opened, realizing the important of training for the staff of Forestry Department to ensure implementation of proper forest management. Today, in relation to the Forest Management Plans, the purpose and mission of Sabah Forestry Institute (IPS) is derived from Goal No.6 of SFD (Sabah Forestry Department, 1989):

'Strengthen the Capability of The Forestry Department to provide Scientific Forest Management and to Supervise and Enforce Management agreements on State Land and Forest Reserve'.

This institute has training experience in forestry for more than 35 years and since its inception, 1072 Forest Guard and Forest Ranger have been trained.


  • To ensure the expansion of Forestry knowledge to all the community particularly in Sabah
  • To meet the demand for knowledgeable and skilled men power in technical level with great awareness of forests as principal economic resources as well as for conservation functions
  • To provide training for the Forestry Department field staff and other forestry agencies regarding proper management, conservation and utilization of the state forest resources on a sustainable basis.

Training Programme

There are two types of courses offered by IPS (As shown in Table below):

Type of CourseDurationNumber of SubjectMethodCurrent Status
Forest Ranger2 Years (4 Semester)24Lecture
Field Works
Field Trip
Project Work
Temporarily stopped/froze until further notice
Forest Guard1 Year (2 Semester)12Lecture  
Field Works  
Field Trip  
On going/Active and offered to Forestry Department staff (PRA) only

Short Courses Offered

  • Forest Fire Management
  • Sabah Log Grading Rules (SLGR)
  • Reduce Impact Logging (RIL) in different categories such as;

- Harvest Planne, RIL Trainer, RIL Supervisor, Machine/Tractor Operator, Chainsaw Maintenance & Timber Feller

Adminission Pre-Requisites

Forest Ranger CourseForest Guard Course
Applicant must be a Malaysian citizen, aged between 18-30 years. For those who are still in service wheter with the government or company must not exceed 40 years.
Applicant must be a Malaysian citizen and Pekerja Rendah Awam (PRA) of Sabah Forestry Department, aged not exceeding 45 years.
Academic Qualifications: Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with credit in Bahasa Malaysia or equivalent
Academic Qualifications: Sijil Rendah Pelajaran (SRP) or Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) with credit in Bahasa Malaysia, passed in Mathematics and Science subjects.
Applicants who are employed must submit their application through their head of department or employer.
Applicants must submit their application through their Head of Division or District Forest Officers respectively.
Physically fit to attend the course (certified by doctor or physician)
Good discipline record and high marks in Annual Performance Assessment (Penilaian Prestasi Tahunan)

Physically fit to attend the course (certified by doctor or physician)

How To Apply

Advertisement will be published in local reading newspaper when the new intake is officially open (for regular courses only). Application form can be obtained from:

  • Sabah Forestry Institute (Administration Office);
  • Forestry Department Headquarters, Mile 6, Labuk Road Sandakan
  • District Forest Offices throughout Sabah.