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Rainforest Adventure Tips

  1. Find out about the trail and surroundings, be sure that you have enough time to complete the entire route before darkness falls. Do not stray off the path to chase after animals.
  2. Use good judgment regarding the fitness level required for the trek, and know your physical limits.
  3. Always inform the park officials or let someone know of your plans and destination for the day, especially if going alone.
  4. Take plenty of water and pack a few easy to eat snacks to keep energy level up. Unless trekking with a local guide, it is not advisable to eat jungle fruit or drink from any water source.
  5. In the highlands try to trek on the ridge tops to save energy traversing the steep slopes and to catch a cool breeze.
  6. Be as quiet as possible to avoid scaring any wildlife. Getting an early start during the dawn provides the best chance to sight animals seeking food and the warmth of the early morning sun.
  7. Wear thin, loose, preferably cotton clothing to remain comfortable.
  8. Cover arms and legs with long trousers and long-sleeved shirts to ward off mosquitoes and to provide protection against thorny plants.
  9. Wear leech socks or long socks to prevent leeches from finding an entry way.
  10. Choose sturdy footwear with proper ankle support and good traction.
  11. Be prepared for sudden rain showers by carrying a poncho that wraps over both body and your carrying pack to keep everything dry.
  12. A wide brimmed hat helps to shade a trekker from the heat of the tropical sun.