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Insect Diversity

The Insect Diversity programme was undertaken by The Entomology Section. The Entomology Section was started by a Colombo Plan entomologists in 1967. Research on mainly natural forests pests were conducted at that time. A few other foreign entomologists, under the JICA and JOCV headed the Section from 1978 until 1985 when the first local entomologist was recruited. A second local entomologist joined in 1993.

Research Projects
At present, the Section carries out research on diversity and ecology of forest insects (including insect pests and beneficial insects) in natural forests, logged-over forests and forest plantations.

Insect Museum
The Section also curates an insect collection, with more than 100,000 specimens. The collection serves as the main forest insect reference centre for both local and international researchers.
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