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The plantation Section of the Plantation Silviculture research program was set up in 1965 to undertake extensive species and provenance trials to identify potential plantation species, establish pilot plantations and to study various aspects of plantation silviculture. Initially, 3 forest plantation research stations were established in Ulu Kukut, Sook and Kolapis. In 1976, the Ulu Kukut plantation was taken over by Sabah Forestry Development Authority (SAFODA). Later in 1987, another research station was established at Segaliud Lokan.

More than 170 species have been planted, of which about 50% of them are indigenous species. The Section has already identified 4 broad-leaved and 4 coniferous species suitable for large scale plantations. Other activities which includes monitoring of growth rates of various species and producing volume table for some of the more important species. The Section is also involved in minor forest products studies like rattan species trials.
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