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Utilization of Forest Products

Utilization of Forest Products is supported by three sub - sections which is Wood Utilization, Wood Science and Minor Forest Products.

Wood Utilization
Assessing the potential end uses of timber and lesser known wood plantations species. Joint research in terms of sawing and machining. Providing carpentry services.
Wood Science
Collecting, identifying and testing of wood samples started in 1964 though the then Wood Technology Section was formally established only in the late 1970's. To serve its reference function, the Section maintains a Xylarium, where more than 5,000 local wood specimens from 1,074 identified species are deposited, as of middle 1995. The identified 
Manages the collection of wood samples and timber micro slides.The study of qualitative and quantitative description of wood cells. Studying the physical characteristics and mechanical wood by emphasizing under-utilized species and forest plantation timber species. Providing wood identification service, testing the basic characteristics of wood, supplying samples of wood and wood technical information.

Minor Forest Products
Managing the collection of non-timber forest products information.Studying the physical properties, mechanical and anatomy of non-timber forest products. Researching non-timber forest products potential to the local socio-economic interests. To provide advice and technical consultancy.
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