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Natural Forest Ecology & Management

Forest Ecology & Management is the scientific and management study of the interrelated patterns, processes, flora, fauna and ecosystems in forests. This programme of research consists of Sections responsible for each of study viz silviculture, ecology, conservation, hydrology & forest education.

This section was created in 1972 to carry out applied ecological research on natural forests. Generally, research in silviculture includes studies on the growth and yield of logged-over forests, problems associated with forest regeneration, stand tending procedures and their effectiveness, and silvics of commercially important indigenous tree species. Modifications or changes to the present silvicultural practices are recommended based on research findings.

The first ecologist was appointed in 1965, but the Section was only formally set up in 1963. Research projects carried out by this section include studies on the natural/artificial regeneration of the natural forests including the extent of damages caused by logging and forest fires, studies on the mangrove forests and other vegetation types as well as assisting in agroforestry trials.

The Sabah Forestry Department started the forest catchment study in 1979. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of logging on water quality and quantity in water catchments and to prepare incorporating hydrological considerations in logging operations in the future. The hydrology section which was formed in 1990, carries out research effect of logging on climatical and hydrological phenomena which includes sediment transportation in the forests in Malaysia.

Forest Conservation
The forest conservation was officially set up in March, 1993. Its responsibility is to carry out research projects and the development of the arboretum which was previously under the Botany Section (Systematic Botany Section of Plant Diversity Programme). This section also compiles information on local tree species, information sources in the form of maps, data and references besides collecting samples from natural forests. Ex-situ and in-situ conservation are carried out at the arboretum of the Centre.

Environmental Education
To face the challenges of sustainable forest management today, it is imperative for foresters to reach out, to educate and to create awareness about the importance of Sabah's forests. Thus, this Section function as an educator to public especially youngsters and teachers to instill good value of conservation and protection of our forest. It is one of the action spear to ensure our future generation understand of the importance and critical value of their natural environment in the longest time.
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