Forest Research Centre

Motto, Vision & Mission

The Motto, Vision and Mission

Motto We aim to be the best
Vision To be a centre of excellence in tropical forestry research
Mission To generate knowledge and technology to support the conservation, management, development and sustainable utilisation of the forest resources of Sabah through scientific research

Forest Research Centre Objectives

The Research Centre, or Research and Development Division, is one of the main divisions in the Forestry Department of Sabah. In the effort of to promote and facilitate better management of forests in the state of Sabah, the Division endeavours to contribute as outlined in the following objectives:
  1. To carry out applied research on problems faced by forestry sector, and to support other research of academic interest on natural forests, logged-over forests and forests plantations.
  2. To analyse, evaluate and recommend research findings for incorporation into forest management, logging and processing industries, and to disseminate results of forestry research.
  3. To establish liaison with other local and overseas research organisations to collaborate on projects of common interests.
  4. To stimulate education in forestry and provide training and consultancy in forestry practice.
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Peti Surat 1407, 90715 Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: (+60) 89 531522, 531523, 538202 & 531524
Fax: 089 531068 & 533805
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