In the TBSFM project, our other main emphasis is to safe guard both the forest reserves (TFR & BFR) from encroachments and any other illegal activities. Throughout the year, we have carried out scheduled patrolling, complimented by aerial surveillance. From past experience, aerial surveillance is found to be the most effective means of monitoring and detecting any illegal activities within the two project areas. However, as such operations are very costly, the management has allocated only 2 aerial surveys to be conducted per year. Other protection activities which have been carried out intensively within TBSFM are as follows:

Under the HoB initiative, the Botitian Monitoring Station has been chosen to be a field outpost. It is hoped that with the availability of such a station at site, patrol teams can be deployed more frequently. In the preliminary report by Hutan (KOCP), poaching and trapping of wild animals was observed to be very rampant inside Timimbang and Botitian Forest Reserves. Joint night patrols and road blocks can be conducted more often between, the FD field staff and the communities nearby to deter poachers from entering the forest reserves. There were 6 entry and exit points identified in Timimbang FR and had been installed with iron gates to prevent illegal hunters and encroachers entering into the forest reserve. Routine inspection inside and outside the forest reserves and checking the boundaries to ensure that rules and regulations are being observed; that there are no trespassers into the forest reserve; users must have proper permits; and that there is no illegal hunting, logging or clearing of land for agriculture cultivation. TBSFM will continue to conduct aerial surveys from time to time to check and monitor all areas which are found to be sensitive. As a rule of thumb, illegal agriculture and settlements inside forest reserves must be stopped at the very early stage before the problem grows out of hand. There are two (2) road occupation permits (OP) that were issued inside Timimbang while another one (1) was issued in Botitian Forest Reserve this year. The issuance of OP inside TBSFM project is kept to the minimal to address concerns of outsiders engaging in any illegal activities inside the project area as well as to avoid loss of forest cover.



Putting up signages and FD plates

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