As of Jun 2019, the TBSFM project has 14 staff stationed at Timimbang and Botitian FR, which includes 1 field manager, 2 forest rangers, 4 foresters, 1 general assistant, 1 drivers and 5 general workers. (Refer to the Organization Chart). The overall implementation and management of the TBSFM project is under the purview of the superintendent officer cum District Forest Officer of Beluran, which is closely monitored by the Special Officer to Chief Conservator of Forests, who is also the project’s Chairman.

The project started in July 2006, when the first project committee meeting was convened to discuss some of the urgent issues, and to assign duties to all the relevant committee members involved. In order to mobilise all these resources effectively, the project must have a very strong and trained work force with reliable logistics in place. Recruitment of more trained field staff is very crucial in order to run the project smoothly. All the field activities involved silviculture treatment, construction of infrastructures were carried out by contract work, which is under the close supervision of the Field Manager.

In line with the Principle and Criteria Indicator of FSC and its requirement, the needs of trainings and workshops for all the field staff and its officers are necessary in the TBSFM project. From 2013 until now, we have managed to organize the following workshop/training such as:

  1. Safety training conducted by St. John Ambulance on 4th to 5th February 2013;
  2. Stakeholders and communities consultation workshop from 20th - 22th May 2013 at IPS Telupid;
  3. Briefing with the stakeholders and communities at Base camp Timimbang on 20th September 2013;
  4. Training in handling fire equipment at the Beluran Forestry District on 8th November 2013;
  5. EE Race State level were conducted from 28th to 30th October 2013; and
  6. Workshop on Monitoring of Wildlife at the Forestry Head Quarters Sandakan from 14th - 15th November 2013.

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