The EU-REDD+ Tackling Climate Change through Sustainable Forest Management and Community Development project is a project funded by the European Union and implemented in three selected pilot sites across different areas in Sabah for a duration of four (4) years (2014 to 2017) plus a two (2) years no-cost extension (2018-2019) with a total amount of funding worth EUR4,157,179.80 or RM18,657,007.22.

The project is coordinated by the EU-REDD+ Project Unit based in SFD HQ under the directive of the Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests (Forest Sectoral Planning) office who is also the Project Director of the Sabah EU-REDD+ Project, Mr Frederick Kugan. The Unit also acts as the Secretariat for the REDD+ Programme and development for the State.

Programme Title: Tackling climate change through sustainable forest management and community development.

Project Title: Demonstration initiative on community-based forest management and REDD+ in Sabah.

Overall objectives:
To contribute to the sustainable and low carbon development of the State of Sabah.

Specific Objectives:
Improve Sabah's REDD+ readiness and implementation through REDD+ demonstration activities to strengthen community engagement in forest protection and pro-poor sustainable forest management.
There are ten (10) activities of the project as detailed out below:

No Pilot Site Activities
1 Core Unit (SFD HQ)
1. Documentation and sharing of community forest protection, management and livelihood experience and feeding results into REDD+ and Community development policies and plans
2 Kg. Gana, Kota Marudu
2. Community-based Protection and rehabilitation of water catchments in Gana Forest Reserve.
3. Community-based agroforestry in degraded lands in and adjacent to Lingkabau Forest Reserve
3 Kinabatangan

4. Development of the REDD+ Strategy for forest conservation activities in the Kinabatangan Corridor;
5. Enhancing forest protection within the Batu Puteh-Deramakot-Malua-Segaliud Lokan forest landscape;
6. Promoting forest-related sustainable livelihoods and community support for conservation in targeted communities.

4 Kinabalu Ecolinc

7. Establishment of Community-Conserved Forest Areas (CCAs) in selected communities;
8. Community-based restoration of degraded habitat in CCAs and adjacent areas;
9. Development of sustainable agriculture for livelihoods and enhanced land management; and
10. Enhancing forest-related community tourism options to support forest management.


Last update : 23 May 2019