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Nuluhon Trusmadi Annual Work Plan (AWP)

A work plan is an argument; it is written to plan the activities for a given period of time, first so as to convince decision makers for its approval, then as a guiding document for the activities to be carried out during that time period. As for the Nuluhon Trusmadi conservation area management, an annual work plan is produced annually to provide optimum and excellent services for it's conservation and improvement from time to time.

The Purpose of a Work Plan

The purposes of a work plan are several. The main purpose is as a planning and management instrument (tool) which provides a framework for planning the work, and is a guide during the period in question for carrying out that work. It is also used by funding agencies and executing agencies as a document for justifying the release of money (and this is why the first purpose can easily be forgotten; some managers see it as a necessary inconvenience, rather than a useful tool for their own work). It is also a useful document contributing to transparency, as copies of the work plan can be given to those persons or organizations who have a need or a right to know what you are doing, and why, during the current period.

In order to obtain the resources, including the finance indicated in the budget, the work plan serves as justification for the release of funds. When approved, the work plan serves as a guide to actions to be taken in order to reach the objectives, written so as to be transparent to anyone, inside or outside the implementing group, in describing those objectives, and outputs, and justifying the actions to be taken.

A work plan therefore serves the needs of implementors, target groups (beneficiaries), managers, planners, committees and boards and the donors, not only of projects, but also of programmes, and organizations that work independently of project documents.

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